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For Virgo Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Jupiter. For Libra Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Mars. For Scorpio Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Venus.

For Sagittarius Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Mercury. For Capricorn Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Moon. For Aquarius Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Sun.

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For Pisces Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Mercury. So you need to check, what planets in the 7th house and the condition of 7th lord. If seventh house or seventh lord afflicted by Saturn then, the person need to marry after age If the person Marry early there will be chances of divorce and the person May have second Marriage and the second Marriage kind of serious and committed type because there is always Saturn influence in the Marriage even after brake of first Marriage.

If seventh house or seventh lord afflicted by Sun then the person need to learn humility, otherwise ego can be the reason of divorce.

Influence of Rahu and Ketu in 7th house or on seventh lord give many Marriage problems. Those people who have more influence of many malefic planets in 7th house or on the 7th lord, they suffer more.

How to see Second Marriage and Long Term Relationships in Astrology

They need to be more careful while choosing partner. For Aries ascendant if 7th lord Venus with Ketu, Saturn and Mars in 8th house it really going to give difficult relationship. This person prone to get abusive partner therefore they should be more careful in choosing partner.

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When you are attracting wrong kind of relationship its mean that we are carrying bad past life karma and now in this lifetime you need to rectify your karma by your conscious effort by identifying them and bring positive change in your behavior on conscious level. Other observations : For more than one marriage Prof. Krishnamurti has said that the only rule to be followed is to note the sub-lord of the 7th cusp. If the 7th sub-lord is either Mercury or any planet occupying a dual sign or deposited in the constellation of a planet in the dual sign, there will be more then one marriage.